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International Night 2016

The International Night traditionally organized by the Eastern Mediterranean University International Office on a yearly basis was at its fullest blowout with a massive turn out of hundreds of students from all over the world at the EMU CL Square on 13th May, 2016. The event showcased the beautiful and diversity of students from 106 countries present at Eastern Mediterranean and its ever growing population. Students from several countries portrayed their colorful cultural diversity and strength at their stands.

On display was the beautiful Pakistani hyena, the anakara from Nigeria, the beautiful tourist sites of Jerusalem with the Palestinian students, the expensive zbon attire of Libyans, the gate of Yemen in Sana'a, a melodic poetry of Iran, the haghesh and jahan.

The stands also showed the sumptuous meals from Africa's largest country Algeria, the most popular being the couscous, its beautiful ain defla snow season and most beautiful desert in the world the hassi messoud, the massive spectacle of the city of Constantine built within mountains and 7 bridges to the clear coastline of el kala, the chedda themsaniya of the west, karakou of the north and mlaya chawiya of the east.

It didn't end there as we were taken to Sudan's beautiful jalabia and shall, its tobe attires for men and women respectively, then to Syria's amazing coffee seeds the hail and Tajikistan's robab and dotar instruments, its beautiful castles and rich mineral resources, its atlas, chakan and adras attires.

It went on with the famous mountains to Turkmenistan's beautiful horses, and its Guinness book of records' whitest city in the world. The peaceful friendly Zimbabwe showcased their music, hospitable attitude, the Zim dance hall and its dehwe animal print attire (made from real leopard skin worn in pre-colonial times) and its famous sadza dish. Finally Russia, Ukraine and Belarus displayed the legendary mareshkra and the lojka, an ornamented and dual purposed spoon and instrument.

The event was aided by the international office assistants and the masters of ceremony were Miss Gulnaz from Kazakhstan, Mr. Kel Ambroise and Mr. Peter from Nigeria The night commenced with a flag show and the national anthem was sang by an international student, Emmanuel Chinedu. The event was attended by the Rector (a) Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam who gave a humble and cheering opening speech and awarded all sponsors of the event.

Other guests were Mr. Recai Ergün member of the Board of Trustee, the Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Amca, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hıfsiye Pulhan, Public Relations Director Murat Aktugrali, International Office Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Selcan Timur, International Office staff Mr. Ahmed Kasim and Mrs Cemre M. Kavaz and others who contributed to the success of the event.

The night had a fashion show which was sponsored by Marka & Marka. The owner presented a gift to each model that took part in the runway. During the show, a raffle draw was organized to distribute the gifts from the sponsors of the night. The draw box included all performers of the night that was a way to express the gratitude of the International Office for their hard work. The ten giveaways that were won by the performers included two flight tickets in the value of 250 TL and two regular car insurance in the value of 300TL sponsored by DAÜ Koop, two single rooms for one night in Arkin Palm Beach Hotel, two all-inclusive single rooms for one night in Salamis Bay Conti Hotel, two free haircuts from Little Toronto Barber Shop. Other sponsors were New Form Fitness-Studio, GNÇ TRKCLL and Home Dorm.

The event was honored by the KKTC Folk dancers along with performances by EMU students from Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, South Africa, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Yemeni, Iran, Nigerian, Azerbaijan, Chad, Jordan, Tajikistan and Kurdistan.

The event ended by appreciation speech by Assoc. Prof. Selcan Timur, who thanked all for their participation and contribution. Finally, the event's DJ Milad played the HAPPY song by Pharrell Williams and all organizers, International Office assistants and performers came on stage and danced along as the 2016 International Night came to its end.