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Palestinian Students Holds 2016's Last Union Night

Palestinian Students Holds 2016

It was a night of fun and entertainment on Wednesday as the Palestinian Students Society held the last Union Night of 2016 to express their gratitude to the Union's 2016 President and cabinet who have completed their course in the office. The event was held at the EMU Beach Club and was full of joy and excitement with the Palestinian students attendance in large numbers.

In her address, the International Office Coordinator, Mrs. Özgür Güler, appreciated the Palestinian Students for their commitment and dedication to the progress of EMU. She said EMU is always proud to have the international students on its campus, stating that they are one of the reasons for the growth of the University. Mrs. Güler expressed appreciation to the Palestinian students' society and encouraged them to be committed and dedicated to moving EMU forward.

In his speech, Vice President of the Palestinian Students Society Ahmed Tama appreciated the management of the Eastern Mediterranean University for the conducive environment and the facilities provided for the students. He also appreciated the international office team for their support, dedication and drive in making sure their activities are successful. He stressed that none of the achievements could be accomplished without the support of the Palestinian students in EMU and allowing them to keep the name and reputation of the country.

The event also featured a video display about Palestine, display of Palestinian Student Society performances and achievements during 2015-2016 session, Palestinian traditional Dance (Dabke), award presentations to Cabinet Members and Palestinian Basketball Team among others.


Present at the event were members of staff of the International Office including the Student Affairs Administrative Coordinator, Mr. Ahmed Kasim, Event Organizer, Mrs. Cemre Mühendisoğlu, the Chief Assistant Mr. Amjad Taha among others.

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Published Date
December 26, 2016