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International Students Societies Election

International Students Societies Election

Election of presidents representing about twenty-five societies comprising of international students was conducted on Friday 3rd November 2017 at the conference hall of Lala Mustafa sport complex. But, earlier on Friday October 27th, contesting candidates had the opportunity to persuade students through manifesto debate that was well-organized by the International Office of Eastern Mediterranean University. Through the election, few societies with lone candidates were made to have a referendum voting where electorates were to indicate Yes (indicating agreement with the candidate) or No (in disagreement with the candidate).

Having adequately prepared for the election, by guiding the aspiring candidates through the properly-amended constitution and received the delivery of the election materials, the Research Assistants of the International office who dubbed as election officers ordered the commencement of the election exactly at 9:15am of Friday 3rd November 2017. The conduct of the election was applauded by everyone including the contesting candidates and their supporters. The Rector of the university Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam and the Vice Rector of International Affairs and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova who both observed the voting exercise were also well-impressed of the entire conduct. By exactly 16:30 (GMT+2), the voting exercise came to a conclusive end the counting exercise was billed to commence immediately in the presence of the candidates’ representatives.

At the commencement of the counting exercise, the Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova who was in the company of the Coordination of International Affairs and Promotion Mr. Ozan Inamlik and Mr. Ahmed Kasim urged the contestants and their supporters to accept the results of the election. Immediately after the counting of the votes, winners (new presidents of the 25 participating societies) emerged to the admiration of everyone. Obviously, the words of the Vice Rector that the exercise should not be a game of winner or loser seems to have been well-received by all, this is because at the close of the exercise, everyone departed in a cheerful mood.

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Published Date
November 6, 2017