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Driving License


International Office no longer offers a service of translating your original driving license in order to make it recognized by the TRNC government. This can be done at the Tax Office.

The Driving license in Northern Cyprus is the official document issued in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to authorize its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle on public roads. 

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus drivers' licenses can be obtained by TRNC citizens and citizens of other nations if they have a residency permit. Without citizenship or residency permit, TRNC licenses cannot be obtained. TRNC car and motorcycle licenses can be obtained at the age of 18, following a theory and practical exam on public roads. Despite the TRNC being an internationally unrecognized state, TRNC licenses are valid for use worldwide for the time frame set by the relevant country, as are all other licenses. The TRNC issues their licenses in the form of a license card, rather than on paper. Turkish and English are the languages used on the license card.

Required Documents for Driving License Translation

  • Copy of Valid driving license (Both Sides)
  • Copy of Passport data page
  • Copy of valid student visa (Immigration)
  • Valid Student Certificate