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EMU XIII Sand Sculpture Festival and Contest to Take Place on 13 October

EMU XIII Sand Sculpture Festival and Contest to Take Place on 13 October
Published Date: Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Traditionally held annually Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Sand Sculpture Festival and Contest, organized by EMU Department of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture and EMU Design Club, will take place at EMU Beach Club on the 13th of October 2019, Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00.

Anyone who is interested in this event, which has become traditional and to which members of the Cypriot community is looking forward, can participate in groups. The event will prosper even more with the participation of students from all universities around the island. The festival brings a different excitement to the unique beauty of the beaches of Famagusta. The main goal of the event is to make use of the natural beauties of our country and create alternative activities. It also provides a suitable platform for the youngsters to present their creativity by having fun in a healthy environment. Hereby, the event will be a warm welcome for all the new coming students. The Sand Sculpture Festival and Contest awaits everyone who would like to participate or observe. Individuals who would like to participate in the event may visit the page titled “EMU Sand Festival” on Facebook or call 630 11 39.

Some information for the participants in the festival:

-There will a bus available from the university (near the Department of Architecture) to the Beach club at 9:15. Return at 18:15

- Groups registration can be done at beach club

-Please do not forget to bring an ID card (it is necessary for getting tools)

- We try to give all the groups at least a shovel and a bucket, but we advise you to bring some more for yourself (or any other necessary tool you may need) as it makes teamwork much easier.

See you there!

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