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Step 3


Get an Acceptance Letter:

  • Fill in the Form for Taking Courses at Another Institution (hyperlink) and submit it to the Exchange Program Office (note: only for nominated students).
  • If applicable, follow application procedures at the host institute. Some host institutions may require:

    TOEFL or IELTS scores

    A bank statement of $ 6000-12000 under your name or your guardian's name officially approved by the bank
  • Receive an acceptance letter

    If sent directly to you, please submit the letter to the Student Exchange Office immediately so that we may keep a copy. We will give the original back to you (to apply for the visa/permit, etc.). Keep the original safe; losing your letter of acceptance can cause significant delays.

o    If your host university sends it directly to the Student Exchange Office, we will inform you so that you may pick it up at our office.

We highly recommend that you follow all the instructions and deadlines of the host institutions. Obtain all the required documents at least two weeks before the deadline in order to complete your application and avoid any delays!

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