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General Rules and Regulations


  1. EMU Academic/Administrative staff members cannot work with EMU as a student-recruitment partner.
  2. EMU current students cannot work with EMU as a student-recruitment partner.
  3. The representative must inform the prospective students about the Rules and Regulations of EMU accessible at
  4. The representative is not allowed to charge any fees for EMU application or whatever services that EMU provides for the newly arriving international students.
  5. The representative is responsible for all the expenses incurred during the processing of applications.
  6. The representative has the right to claim a reasonable consulting fee from each applicant on condition that the agent fully informs the student that they are being charged for educational counseling specifically and nothing else (not application or pick up fees, for example).
  7. If the representative wishes to advertise on any media (TV, radio, internet, newspaper, magazine, social media, etc.), a written consent must be obtained from the International Promotion Office of EMU in advance, regarding the content of the advertisement. If the representative publishes any advertisement including misleading and/or wrong information, EMU will not accept any responsibility and will hold the right to take legal action against the representative.


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