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There is a variety of comfortable on-campus dormitories. Statistics have revealed that the academic success rate of students who reside in the dormitories is much higher than the ones who do not , since your personal needs, like cleaning, nutrition, transportation and security will be solved in the best and fastest way, you will be free to focus on your lessons. All of facilities such as library, sports complexes, cultural activity centers, computer laboratories, and more others will be at your disposal and within easy reach.

Students who prefer to reside at the on or off-campus dormitories enjoy the benefits of keeping track of or actively participating all social, cultural and sports activities. After all we believe that staying in a dormitory where all types of technological, cultural and sportive facilities are offered under campus safety, will be a best start for your academic life.

For more information about dormitories please check the link below :

Dormitories Website

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