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Dear students,

Please be informed that you need to have the below-mentioned documents minimum 3-days prior to your flight in order to be able to travel to TRNC:

  1. Round trip flight ticket (2-way)
  2. The Acceptance Letter
  3. The Confirmation Letter
  4. Original Diploma and Transcript
  5. International Passport

All the information written on your Documents (acceptance letter, confirmation letter, diploma, and transcript) should match with the information stated on your passport.


Please be aware that for all the students who are traveling to TRNC for the first time, Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC Immigration Office, and Turkish Airlines administer a Central System called YOKAS which enables the said authorities to see your documents through the system.


Evidently, the final decision on whether a student will be or will not be allowed to enter the country is decided at the airport by the Immigration Police.




Kindly check if a student visa or a transit visa is required for the citizens of your country by the Turkish Embassy to come to Northern Cyprus. If it is required, you may visit the following official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey for more information:


Moreover, we advise you to obtain location information of the Turkish Embassy in your country in order to be able to visit them for first-hand information when needed.





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