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EMU Psychology Department - One of EMU’s Shining Stars

EMU Psychology Department - One of EMU’s Shining Stars
Published Date: Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Prof. Dr. Fatih Bayraktar, Chair of Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Psychology Department provided a statement regarding the department's achievements. The statement included the following remarks: "Eastern Mediterranean University, Psychology Department has accomplished numerous firsts and achievements since its establishment in 2007. Starting with a small team of five members, the department has made steady progress over the past 15 years. Today, it continues its journey with a strong team consisting of 13 full-time faculty members, all of whom hold doctorate degrees, six part-time faculty members, also with doctorate degrees, and five research assistants. The Psychology Department's faculty houses experts from various subfields including developmental, social, cognitive, clinical, forensic, traffic, and health psychology, making it a notable and comprehensive department among universities in Northern Cyprus and Turkey.

In 2007, the department launched its English-medium Psychology undergraduate program. Currently, in addition to Turkish and English undergraduate programs, the department offers master's and doctorate programs in General Psychology with a focus on Developmental, Social, and Cognitive Psychology. All programs are approved by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK), and the department consistently brings up graduates who meet international standards at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The majority of the approximately 1500 department alumni either obtain qualified positions or gain admission to master's/doctoral programs within one year following their graduation.

The EMU Psychology Department also stands out for its increasingly robust infrastructure. Being the first in Northern Cyprus to possess a developmental observation laboratory, the department has a second laboratory equipped with an EEG system and a dedicated computer laboratory. With these strong features, the EMU Psychology Department is one of the 12 accredited departments recognized by the Turkish Psychological Association in Turkey and the only psychology department in Northern Cyprus ever accredited by the said association, enjoying international recognition. "

EMU Psychology Department, which operates with the mission of promoting psychology as a science in the broadest and most accurate sense, is also hosting the EMU Psychology Days, in collaboration with the EMU Psychology Students Club, this year for the 15th time and maintains its status as the longest-running single event in its category,.

With a vision of ongoing development, the department has plans such as the establishment of the Psychology Sciences Research and Application Center, and minor programs expected to be implemented in the coming months."

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