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Kazakhstan Society Holds Picnic

Kazakhstan Society Holds Picnic
Published Date: Wednesday, 26 October 2016

On October 22 2016, was a fun filled day for the students of Kazakhstan society at the Eastern Mediterranean University as they embarked on a trip to Kantara. The trip which was well organized and coordinated featured a lot of side attractions like volleyball, football, singing songs with guitar etc.

The picnic began at a place close to the mountain where the students made fire and cooked some of their traditional Kazakh food. The students also engaged in mountain climbing and also paid a visit to a castle, named Kantara. The beautiful view from the top of Kantara was a great pleasure to behold.

Kazakhstan students were also able to make photos. At the end of the trip there was a traditional Kazakh tea drinking ceremony, where all the students were opportune to sit together and interact while sipping their tea with some sweets. The atmosphere of the trip was friendly and enjoyable, and all the students enjoyed sharing good emotions with one another.

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